TOP of the most interesting tourist places in Poland

Royal Castle in Krakow.

In the thirteenth century, the construction of a castle began on the left bank of the Vils River. It is a very important historical monument for the Polish people. In 1499, the castle was burned down. Sigismund I tried to rebuild the historical monument, but in 1595 there was another fire. After many unsuccessful attempts, in 1905, the restoration began. For a long time, the castle served as the residence of kings and symbolized the statehood of the Polish people.

Cathedral in Wroclaw

This cathedral is also built in the Gothic style and is one of the oldest buildings in Poland. In 1540, it also suffered from fires, and it was completely restored in 1951.

Warsaw Old Town

During the Second World War, this city was destroyed, and it was rebuilt only in the previous century. But paying attention to its impressive medieval beauty, its medieval cobbled streets, amazing tiled roofs and ancient churches, it seems that the city is much older.

Masurian lakes

Masurian lakes have more than three hundred bodies of water. This resort is more suitable for tourists who like water sports and clear spring water. But it will also not leave indifferent architecture lovers. There are such castles as Reszel, Nidzica and Gizycko, as well as an old baroque church.

Castle in Malbork

One of the largest fortresses in Europe in the Gothic style, which was built in 1276. The fortress is surrounded by four lines of defense, internal cellars, cellars and wells. Therefore, if you are interested in fortresses and medieval military culture, then you must come here.


A small Polish town. There is a church and a monastery on Yasnaya Gora in the city. People from all over the world come to this monastery to see the ancient icon of the Virgin Mary painted in 1656. According to ancient legends, it is healing.


The journey through Poland continues in the small town of Ovsentzym. During the Second World War, more than 1.5 million people died on this land at the hands of the Nazi occupiers. Probably, that is why this small town attracts so much attention of tourists. The museum located in the city allows you to immerse yourself in the terrible times of the war.

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Why should we travel?

Although it is not always practical to pack up and leave for a certain amount of time, there are many opportunities to travel, both within the country and abroad. Traveling today is easier than ever. With proper planning, it is possible even with the smallest budget, but the investment in travel is worth it. Here are 10 reasons why you should travel!

1. It’s refreshing

How important is the root cause of travel? The purpose of your trip is not where you usually eat, sleep, work or play. It is a completely new place with an endless number of new attractions and new activities that you can

to explore It’s very easy to become a stay-at-home mom, and it’s boring! Therefore, try to escape from the house to the outside world. Visit other countries or at least a few nearby cities.

2. It’s simple

Yes, it is not a simple and easy walk, but traveling is getting easier and easier every day. Of course, you should always plan your vacation so that everything goes smoothly. Keep your travel documents together, make sure all your bookings are confirmed, make sure you know how to get from the train station to your accommodation. By following just a few simple points of the plan, the trip can become really easy.

3. You will learn new things

About yourself, about other people, about other food, about the world in which you live. Traveling is perhaps the most fun way to learn something new. It’s exciting to explore the world beyond your small town, so take advantage of this opportunity!

4. You can customize everything

While you are traveling without a guide or group, you are in complete control of where and how you spend your time. After all, it is so wonderful to do what you want. Is not it? Traveling gives you a great reason to discover and explore new interests.

5. You will meet new people

Traveling is a great way to meet new people. If you are a backpacker, it is often very easy to find groups of people who are following the same route as you. Hostels, for those on a budget, are also a good way to meet new people. Because many travelers travel alone or in small groups and choose a hostel for the night. There are plenty of opportunities to meet both travelers and locals.

6. You will acquire new skills

You can acquire a lot of new skills. It could be learning a new language or how to tie a nautical knot. Or maybe you’re learning a time management skill just by planning your day. The good thing about traveling is that you often learn new skills effortlessly and without even realizing it.

7. You have something to look forward to

Sometimes it’s really nice to have something on your calendar that you look forward to. Just a little reminder that in just a couple of weeks you’ll be on a plane to another country or have a road trip. The anticipation and excitement is almost as enjoyable as the ride itself.

8. And something to remember

Photos, memories, memorabilia, everything you want to remember your trip with. Traveling is great because even when the trip is over, you get to relive every moment over and over again.

9. You will try new things

Traveling is a great way to experiment with new things. You can try ziplining over the chasm, rafting, and just relaxing on the beach if you’ve never done it before. You will have many opportunities to try something for the first time.

10. It can make you feel better

Visiting new places is a great way to expand your horizons. Travelers are more interesting, well-read and, often, more fun. Surround yourself with those who share your passion for travel and your interests in becoming a global citizen. And, as a result, you will find that you gradually get better.