General Information About Visas

Visa rules for cruises

In most cruises, a mandatory condition is the opening of a multi-visa of the main country and additional visas, which must be opened in advance and are not opened after arrival at the port. In the presence of a single-use visa (when a multi-visa is required) or the absence of all the necessary (pre-opened) visas, the tourist will be refused boarding the liner with all fines deducted. Check the necessary visas in passports in advance!
Employees of the cruise company may retain the tourist’s passport for the entire duration of the cruise when boarding the liner to facilitate the passage of border formalities in each port. If necessary, when tourists need documents in any port – they will be issued to them at that time. At the end of the cruise, passports are returned to tourists.
In those cases when the cruise passes through visa countries, the opening of visas is carried out at the port, tourists must be informed in advance (when boarding the liner) about the ports where they plan to go ashore so that the cruise company can take care of all visas in advance and simplify formalities If these visas are paid, the cost of these visas will be included in the tourist’s on-board bill.

According to the rules of the countries of the Schengen Agreement, for cruises whose route runs through the territory of the countries of the Schengen zone, it is necessary to open a visa of the country that is the first country of entry into the Schengen zone, or on the territory of which most of the cruise (tour) takes place.
When entering the Schengen area from countries that have not joined the Schengen Agreement, tourists must show a passport with a visa. Entry may be refused if there are grounds to believe that the entrant poses a threat to the security of the country, as well as if there are suspicions that this person is entering the country for the purpose of illegal immigration or for illegal work.
The tourist company “Cruise Center” provides full visa support. Documents for opening visas are accepted only on the basis of the relevant requirements of the respective consulates.
In case of self-submission of documents for a visa, “Cruise Center” provides a cruise invitation and vouchers, in accordance with the services purchased and paid for. The company reserves the right to refuse visa support to clients or agencies whose documents are questionable or are not provided in accordance with the requirements.
Important: The cost of issuing a visa consists of the consular fee, visa support and document processing. The list of documents and terms for issuing visas may be changed in connection with innovations introduced by various Consulates. In connection with possible changes in these components, they must be clarified at the time of submitting documents for a visa.


Many people wonder at what age you can take a child on a cruise?
There is one general rule – children older than 1 year are allowed on routes where the liner spends three days or more at sea. This is due to the safety of passengers. In the event of an unforeseen situation with the baby, the helicopter should reach the liner in time. In other cases, the permissible age is from 6 (six) months.


Just one thought: “Water overboard, balconies, wind, a lot of stairs, pools…” stops you from thinking about a cruise holiday.
We assure you, a cruise liner is one of the safest vehicles in the world. Special conditions have been created for traveling with children – wide corridors and decks, elevators and ramps allow you to get anywhere, even to a restaurant or gym with a stroller. At the same time, the railings of the balconies are very high, adapted to the height of an adult, and children’s areas are closed areas, they are under increased security. The liner staff is fully responsible for everyone whose parents left them in the children’s club (children over 3 years old).


All liners adapted for family vacations have a children’s menu. Somewhere kids eat together with adults, somewhere there is an opportunity to chat with peers in a special restaurant. The choice is yours. Food on the ship is organized according to the “All inclusive” system, so you will not have any problems with what to feed your child. the only exception is drinks, they are paid separately, so it is much more profitable to plan the purchase of a package of drinks in advance.


1. Take a minimum set of medicines with you. Any visit to the doctor on board is paid.
2. There is more than enough sun on the liner in the summer. Take your entire arsenal of sunscreen with you
3. When staying with children, when there are two or more of them, we recommend taking one cabin with a balcony, and another, internal, opposite
4. For very small passengers, we advise you to order a cot in the cabin and a special chair in the restaurant in advance.
5. Take a stroller with you!
6. If you plan to go on an excursion to the city with children, but you are not sure that there will be something to feed them, order breakfast in the room (the option is free almost everywhere), go to the restaurant yourself in the morning. And take the food that was brought to you to the cabin on the excursion as a snack.
7. Remember that you are passengers with children. You can check-in without a queue!

Be sure to talk with the children in advance about what kind of vacation awaits them. Tell us about the liner, show the route on the map. Children, being already on board, will be able to compare knowledge with experience.

Fun and unforgettable experiences go hand in hand when you travel with your children.
Entertainment programs, games on Royal Caribbean liners for children are held throughout the day and in the evening hours, which turns your family vacation into a real vacation. With Adventure Ocean®’s award-winning youth program, kids will enjoy their cruise vacation as much as their parents.