The cost of the cruise.

Cruise companies divide the cost of a cruise into cruise fare, port fees and port taxes. European cruise companies combine port fees and taxes into one sum.

The goal of a cruise line, like any other, is to make a profit. Based on this, company specialists develop their system of pricing, promotions and discounts. Many factors affect the cost of a cruise:

Cruise line class. As indicated in point “1”, cruise companies are divided into classes. Accordingly, the higher the class of the cruise company, the higher the cost of the cruise. Thus, the cost of a cabin with a balcony for a one-week cruise on a “Standard” class liner will cost from 600.00 euros per person, and on the company’s Lux class liner, from 2000.00 euros per person. These prices are given as an example and may vary ….

But not always the most expensive option is the best. The managers of our company will select the option that suits you the most.

Date of construction of the cruise liner. The fact that a cruise on a new liner will cost more for many reasons. This is, first of all, the desire of every person to relax at newer facilities (hotels, resorts, cruise liners), fly on new planes or drive new cars. The price for the inaugural cruise will be especially high, because everyone wants to be the first on the new liner, especially considering that they are being built more and more innovative and better. Also, cruise companies invest a lot of money in the construction of new liners and, accordingly, want to recoup their costs as quickly as possible.

Cruise route.

The cruise route plays an important role in choosing a cruise, so the exclusivity of the route plays an important role in the cost of the cruise. The cost is also affected by the number of visited ports and countries. The cheapest cruises (based on the cost per day) are “overdrive cruises”. Cruise companies, depending on the season, divert liners to other regions. Thus appear: Transatlantic cruises; Cruises from Europe to the Middle East and Asia; cruises Around Europe (North to South or back); cruises from Asia to Australia and New Zealand; as well as cruises from America calling on Easter Island, the islands of French Polynesia, Kiribati and others.

Duration of the cruise. Logically, the longer the cruise, the higher its cost. This is the case in most cases, but not always. Thus, a week-long cruise on the Norwegian fjords will most likely be more expensive than a 10-day transatlantic cruise from Europe to the Caribbean.

Early booking.

All cruise lines position early booking prices as the lowest, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If, in Premium class companies, as a rule, prices increase closer to the date of the cruise. But in Standard class companies, everything directly depends on sales, and prices can both rise and fall. Thus, if the cabins for a certain cruise are not sold, the cruise company accordingly reduces the cost of the cabins.

Your age and personal preferences. This factor is fundamental for many reasons. It is very important that you like your vacation, which type of vacation is more attractive to you, and the desired level of service. Thus, the standard class is suitable for young people who love fun, dancing and a large number of the same fun people. If you are older and prefer a measured vacation with a limited number of people, a high level of service and exquisite cuisine, then the Deluxe class will suit you.

These points are one of the main ones when choosing a cruise. But, as you can see, there are many nuances. Choosing a cruise yourself, you will spend a lot of your time and will not always make the right choice that will suit you or your family.

The Four Gates Ukraine company has many years of experience in working with cruises. We will select the best option for you, taking into account your wishes, promotions and promotional rates from cruise companies.

Why waste your precious time and nerves, especially since you book with us at the price of a cruise company and receive our service absolutely free, because according to contracts with cruise companies, we do not have the right to increase the price of the cruise by a cent.